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Brandon Fisher Art 



In the vibrant streets of Rio de Janeiro, you'll find visionary artist Brandon Fisher. Originally from Washington D.C., the 36-year-old artist brings together his unique heritage—a father from Iran and a mother from Jamaica—to infuse his work with diverse cultural influences.


Brandon stands at the crossroads of creativity and innovation, crafting creations that defy cosmic boundaries. With a remarkable 15-year track record in business creation and design, he not only breathes life into remarkable art but also launches thriving enterprises and orchestrates architectural marvels worldwide. His projects leave a lasting impact, continuously generating millions in ROI, a testament to his unwavering passion for pushing boundaries.

Things I Do

01. Project Creation + Management

02. Content Creation

03. Ecommerce + Product Design

04. Concept Work

05. Visionary Artwork 

06. Expansion

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