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Surf Bros NFT

Project type

Illustration, NFT




Saquarema, BRazil

"Surf Bros" is a vibrant NFT collection that captures the essence of surfing culture through a series of fun, free-spirited characters, each uniquely embodying the thrill and harmony of riding the waves. Anchored by the tagline "The wave is the vibe," this collection brings together 7,777 distinct Surf Bros, all meticulously illustrated and then digitally brought to life using a custom code generator. As the artist behind this project, I blended traditional artistry with modern technology to create a dynamic and engaging series. Each character is crafted with care, showcasing a variety of surf styles, attitudes, and personalities, reflecting the diverse and inclusive spirit of the surf community. This portfolio piece not only highlights my skills as an illustrator but also my ability to innovate within the digital art space, offering collectors a piece of the ocean's boundless energy and freedom.

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